About HeresyLab

HeresyLab was founded in 2019 with the intent of creating a range of miniatures borne of my views and ideas. It all started the 7th of March 2018 with our first Kickstarter - a project that proved more successful than we ever dreamed. Four years later, we have launched and successfully delivered over 36 Kickstarter campaigns.

My background comprises several decades in the hobby sector both as hobbyist, international tabletop tournament winner and eventually white label manufacturer. I began my first venture way back in 1997 when I sculpted my first model using green stuff - a sculpt that was met with great success.

Throughout these years I worked with several manufacturers producing, assisting and managing development of their projects. This experience provided me with the know-how and confidence to create my own range thus, in 2018, I took a leap of faith and decided to take the business in a different direction.

Today HeresyLab has produced and delivered over 200,000 miniatures.

Currently we offer 3 distinct model ranges:
- Science Fiction models comprise the HL line.
- Bitz models are HLA and HLT ranges.
- Fantasy models are offered as the AX line.
This is a joint venture with my decennial friend Giuseppe, an amazing artist with a wealth of knowledge and a long career who follows the line very closely.

Throughout these years, we had the pleasure to collaborate with too many great people to name - all amazingly skilled and well known professionals, many of whom we now call friends.